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September 23, 2013
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TMNT- The Lost Boy

Written by: Miranda/Inked-Alpha

Chapter 1

Page #1

“And that ends the meaning of gigantism; basically in a short version—which would probably be a bit more understandable in your perspective—a living organism that goes through a mutation, whereas their growth expands more than it normally should grow up to be—“

Gigantism. I knew what it meant, and knew an example for the term: me. Though, mutant, is the correct word to describe myself. Fresh water turtles—my kind—are normally the size of a soda can (if placed on its side), however, my size isn’t really that normal. Correction: it’s not normal at all. My human, Blue, told me before, that we experienced a mutation 10 years ago, and our lives really changed.

I’m not normal at all. There’s nothing human about my appearance; just a 10 year old oversized mutant turtle, who is forced to stay indoors throughout my whole life, because my human says so. I know what you’re thinking, “being a mutant is something to be proud of”, well it has its advantages, but it can also be a pain in the neck.

My eyes wandered away from my human’s face, and turned towards the window, where the view of the city was shown. New York, the Big Apple, the greatest city to ever visit—though, the loudest and dangerous place to live in. My human and I live in a small apartment complex near Chinatown; it’s probably the best place we can get, for now, until my human is able to finish college.

The mature voice of my human kept flowing through my ears, but my mind wasn’t fully paying any attention to what she was saying. The last thing I heard from her, was of a beetle as large as a VCR tape cover.

“Ky” snapped my human.

My head quickly turned back to her view, eyes staring directly at her, as I shuffled my thumb and index finger together, while my chin rested on the top of my hand. “Gigantism—I heard, Blue”

“Did you understand the whole meaning, and a bit of the lesson for the day?” she said, raising her eyebrow at me, as her black nail-polished nails tapped repeatedly over the open Biology book she was holding over her lap.

I nodded. This was basically all that we do for 2 hours, every single day, once she comes home from her classes: home schooling. Since I’m not obligated to enter into a school building—or perhaps any building—Blue decided that home schooling me would give me a bit of an understanding about the world, and the questions I keep in storage for her.

“I forget—was this relating to the question I asked you yesterday?” I questioned.

“A few days ago, yes. You wanted to know why your height wasn’t as normal as a regular human child.”

“But, I don’t live in the deep depths of the ocean, though” I said, remembering a bit of the lesson she was giving me. Fact, the aquatic life in the deep parts of the ocean all around the world, go through the gigantism faze, in order to survive in the freezing environment. Why do you think the Kraken is real?

“Gigantism can happen to anybody, Ky” she said “not just to the aquatic life in the deep depths of the ocean. I can understand your height is a bit abnormal, considering that the ooze is the answer to your strange abilities and appearance.” Blue had gotten up from her spot on the sofa, and went over to the book shelf in the corner of the living room to place the Biology book back in its place.

“You’re the only one that understands, Blue. The only one that knows about my mutation” I said, my voice fading a bit, as I turned my gaze back to the window. I bit the side of my lip, hesitating for a brief moment, before looking back to her.


“Hm?” she answered, her back facing me; her eyes continuing to scan through the books on the shelf.

“Why didn’t that ooze mutate you?”

Complete silence filled the whole living area; you can hear the distant sirens coming from the other side of town. Her face wasn’t showing, but I could sense that she was hesitating real hard to figure out how to answer my question. She tries her very best to answer all of my questions, but I knew it was hard for her to even answer them. Blue was always lost in deep thought, because she didn’t have anybody that could even answer her own questions.

At the age of 19, Blue’s father, Jonathon Meyer, passed away due to an incident that happened in our home. Blue blamed herself for her father’s death, but I knew deep inside, that she wasn’t the one responsible for it all. You see, she may haven’t been mutated like me, but that blue ooze did give her something that she can never get away from—power. As far as I know about her abilities, she really doesn’t feel comfortable to talk to anybody—especially me—about her secret abilities, as well as her past. After both her parents were long gone, she hasn’t really been herself lately. Ever since I came into her life, all she cared about was me. It scared me, however, because she never considers on caring about herself. But, who am I to blame? I’m practically the only person she’s got in her life.

A deep exhale escaped from Blue’s nostrils, as she turned her gaze towards me, and gave me a small smile. She then walked towards me, and sat on the ground in an Indian style.

“I’ll be honest with you, Ky” she began, hesitating for a moment, before continuing on “…I don’t know what that thing gave me that day. I don’t know what that stuff did to us. And I certainly don’t know why it didn’t do the same thing to me as it did to you”

The soft touch of my human’s hands hovered over my large mutant hands, and grasped them tightly in her embrace, as she looked at me directly into my blue ocean colored eyes. “Just know that you have nothing to fear, and nothing to hide from.”

“So, does that mean I get to go out tonight?” I asked, while giving her a shy cheeky smile.

Her head shook a bit, a chuckle escaped from her lips, as she rubbed my little head with her hand. “No” she answered firmly “be thankful that I’m actually letting you stay up till midnight, you don’t need idiots from the city messing with you”

“But, isn’t it better to experience new things on your own, than to just watch from afar?” I asked “Or even better: meet new people?”

“You’re right, Ky, but you forgot one tiny little detail” she said, before getting up from her spot, and playfully pulling me up from the sofa. “You’re a mutant”

A low groan came from the back of my throat, as I gave Blue an annoyed expression. I always hated when she used that against me. Not that she enjoys saying it, she just has to prove her point to me, and that answer is always “you’re a mutant”.

“With qualities, Blue, with qualities”

“And that’s what makes you special” she said “Now, isn’t today someone’s special day?”

I looked up at Blue in a bit of confusion, my head tilting to the side. I stood there in silence, looking down at Blue as she moved her hands under the couch, and pulled out a perfectly wrapped-up present. Handing it out in front of me, she gently pushed my head towards hers, and gave me a kiss on the forehead.

“Happy 11th birthday, Ky” she said with a warm smile.

I stood there with my hands grabbing hold of the present in front of me. It was my birthday, how could I have forgotten the most important day of the year? My eyes narrowed down at the present I held in my hands, and then looked back up at Blue.

She chuckled, gesturing for me to open it. “Well, open it!” It was as if my hands had gone numb for a moment, but so eager to know what was inside, I quickly got my control back, and began to unwrap the present. Quickly unstrapping the tape that sealed the box shut, I opened the box up, and there revealed the gift before me.

“That used to be his, when he was around your age” Blue said, as she pointed at the object inside the box. My eyes stayed glued to the object, as my hands gently slithered underneath the black cloth, and picked it up to examine it a bit more. It was an old looking black bandana, with what seemed to be three rows of small white dots sowed on the front. The small cloth reminded me so much about Blue’s father; his scent still stayed on the fabric, leaving a small tear form at the corner of my eye. My hands gently clenched the black cloth, as I looked up at Blue.

“Papa…” his name had softly slipped out of my mouth.

“He—would’ve wanted you to have that”

I blinked quickly before wiping my nose with the back of my hand, and placed the bandana close to my plastron. “I—thank you, Blue.” I sniffed “I love it, I really do”.

A smile appeared on Blue’s face, and she took the bandana from my hands. “Let’s see how you look with it on” she said, as she moved her hands forward with the bandana, and wrapped it around my neck. She then took a step back, and examined me a bit. “Perfect fit”.

“I wanna see” I said, before running towards the mirror by the front door. I then hopped onto the small table by the door, and examined my reflection carefully in the mirror. It was a perfect fit, and it also made me appear a bit normal than before; trust me, a naked mutant turtle, who has no need for human clothing, is not normal at all.
Had to change a few details in the story; I've been really writing down notes on the main characters in this story, such as Blue. Used to be Goga, but fun fact: Goga means "farmer" in Russian, and I could've sworn I made that name up. Good thing I felt a sudden hunch about that name, before I could even continue on with the story.

So Blue's real name is Mira Meyer: a 23 year old college student, who takes care of her mutant turtle, Ky. A few years ago, she had lost her father, Jonathon Meyer, from a tragic incident that involved her and a rebel. Ever since then, she has blamed herself for his death, and vowed to never put her family in danger again. Ky's practically the only person she's got in her life, and she'd do anything to keep him from running into trouble. Basically the reason why she won't let Ky out of the apartment complex; not just because of his appearance, but because he's easily vulnerable to anybody.

I'll place some references up later, as well as the full description. Also, yes, it's Ky's 11th birthday. This chapter is set on September 28th; 5 days from today, which is also called "Mutation Day" for the ninja turtles. Although Ky wasn't really born on the same year and time as the ninja turtles, he was born on the same day as Mutation Day. You can say that on his birthday, it's also Mutation Day for the turtles in the sewers. So, in this chapter, Ky just turned 11, and the boys just turned 16. Fun Fact: this Saturday is also the first new episode of Season 2. Another Fun Fact: the first episode of Season 1 also aired on September 28th.

Just wanted to put that out for all you fans out there. So here's the first page of the chapter, enjoy!

*Story & OCs by-(c):iconinked-alpha:
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cddmanful Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I like this fuller version of the story!  And I like that I better understand Blue/Mira's motivations for keeping Ky inside all the time--He seems to bear it well, for a kid, being sorta locked away like that....
Inked-Alpha Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2013  Student Digital Artist
yeah totally true, though I think I'm going to add a few more things into chapter 1, because I noticed that I really didn't describe Ky and Blue's appearance x)
cddmanful Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
There's art of the two of them, though, isn't there?
Inked-Alpha Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2013  Student Digital Artist
freckledwhale Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2013
i thought this story was ok buuuuttt alot of thing peeved me
1. you never explain who ky is you just sorta asume that everyone knows who he is,which isnt really a good thing to do when you are writing a story actually you never really explain Anythinfg in this,you cant assume that everyone knows what you are talking about,i can get that you may be saving it up for something,but right now i literally have no clue why  she is named blue,who ky is,why a giant mutant turtle is in a apartment with her,how she got the oose too keep repeating things that shouldnt be repeated,example "s her black nail-polished nails tapped..." you could of just said " her black finger nails tapped" we get it its nails or this one "Her face wasn’t showing, but I could sense that she was hesitating real hard to figure out how to answer my question. She tries her very best to answer all of my questions, but I knew it was hard for her to even answer them. Blue was always lost in deep thought, because she didn’t have anybody that could even answer her own questions." that was basically a really long way of saying" she cant answer me" you dont have to reword every thing you do cause i noticed that you REALLY liked that ESPECIALLY " the oose she was in it too? like that sounds WAY to odd cause i can understand if she was like an experiment or something but if she was in the oose with "ky" then that sounds,ad im sorry for saying this,but really dumb
4. it seemed like you liked describing him looking around in the beginning,i mean i get it,you like looking at things.

all in all everything else is fine :U just those were really detracting me from your writing
and if you say" well its in the description" im sorry but i shouldn't have to look at that to get what is going on in a story you cant do that with books
:U not hatin,i actually never really read your stuff before so just starting to i sorta wanted to give you my opinion
Inked-Alpha Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2013  Student Digital Artist

I get what you're saying sweetie, don't worry about it. Haven't really put that much effort in this story because I have other things in my mind. If anything, I'll probably just rewrite chapter 1 for the 3rd time, because I too feel like nobody is really getting who these characters are.

Then again, I am just an artist, I'm not really in the path to creating literature; so if it sounded extremely "off" to you, I thank you for judging it and telling me straight forward on what I missed. And if anything, you honestly don't have to continue on reading it, I'm not forcing anyone to do so.

So again, thank you, and yes, I will do something about this.

freckledwhale Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2013
:U oh thank god im not going to lie i thought you would get all pissed or something!-u- i do want to continue reading i just wanted to tell you that for the future or something~
Inked-Alpha Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Ha well I try not to get pissed off and say something so regretful to others, so this was a good start. But I mean, I too go around and tell others about what I think should be fixed in their pictures or literature, though I just get "stop hating on my stuff!". So I don't want to do that.

Don't worry, I'm not mad
freckledwhale Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2013
oh thank everything ;v;! not going to like when i posted that im like"shhhhhheeeeeett"
and like i said other then those four things it was actually really good
and 4 things isnt much  so :U meh~~
Inked-Alpha Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Ha, believe me, you don't know how much I get tired of everybody saying that the stuff I make is great, but nobody tells me the errors on what i make and what I should fix. It's like every "blue moon".

But thank you
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